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Label Design FAQs

Why hire labeldesign.com to design my product label?

LabelDesign.com is an online design agency that is devoted exclusively to label design. Our team comprises professional graphic designers, marketing specialists and project managers that will create an original high-quality label from scratch. Your product will look like a top brand. The process is very easy: all communication is handled through email (unless you prefer otherwise) and you don’t need any technical knowledge. Many of our clients are first-time product developers with no or very little experience in graphic design or marketing.

Why can’t I design my label with a canned software or a template?

You can design your label yourself by means of a canned software, use a template, ask it for your printer, a freelancer or a friend. The truth is that it is not professional design and the results – no matter how good they claim to be – is far from the designs you can see on the main brands.

Avoid templates – while they look good, they are particularly difficult to customize and you may find another product with the same design at a later time.

Do not waste money, time and effort in a design that will be prejudicial to the marketing of your product.

If you are seriously into marketing your product and expect to earn money from this, a label design done by a professional graphic design studio is what you need. This is the way major brands go.

How much does it cost to have my label designed?

Please refer to our pricing page. Discounts are available for projects with multiple pieces.

What are your payment terms?

We require 50% before starting with the project, and 50% before we deliver the final files. If you need other payment terms, please contact us.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment with credit cards through Paypal and 2Checkout. Paypal accepts eChecks and balance payments as well.

How long does it take for your team to design a label?

It depends on the complexity of the label, if you can supply us with all the information (ingredients, sizes, weights, barcode, your company logo, etc.) and how fast your feedback is. Graphic design projects consist of several phases or revisions rounds on which our designers develop drafts and you provide feedback. The back and forth assures that the finished label design is entirely to your satisfaction. We take a maximum of 3 business days for the first draft and 2 business days for each revision round. Project timeframe may vary but you may expect a 2 week timeframe for the typical project.

need the design for my label in a few days. Is this possible?

Yes, it is. Contact us for a custom quote. We may assign exclusive HR to work on your project 24x7. We have finished label designs in less than 24 hours.

How many revisions rounds or phases are allowed?

Most online graphic design agencies have a limit on the revision rounds you can request. This is because they outsource work to freelancers, or because they are not willing to work on a design if the client keeps requesting changes. Instead, our graphic design agency has an in-house team of professionals that will work on your label till you are 100% satisfied with it. As long as you can describe what you do not like or needs to be changed on the drafts we send, we will provide you with unlimited revision phases. Note that once the design is officially approved and final files are delivered, any further revisions will be charged.

How long does a revision phase take?

A maximum of two business days, though it’s just one business day on most cases. Depending on our workload and how fast you respond, we can deliver two or more revised drafts per day.

I am launching my product but I do not have neither a brand nor a logo. Can you help me with them?

Yes, we can develop the entire brand identity (including logos, brochures, labels, etc) if needed. Please contact us for a custom quote.

I am a professional marketing specialist working for a large company. Can you assist with the design of our products’ labels?

Yes, of course. We can work adhering to company branding standards / manuals. We may also resell our services.

My label may require pictures. Is there anything I should know?

You may use images you took with a digital camera (not your cell phone please), professional images taken by a photographer, or images you bought from an image bank.

We also work with a royalty-free image bank with over 20 million pictures you can choose from. This is INCLUDED with your project fees. Terms may apply for very high-volume printing.

I need a translator for my label. Can you help?

Yes, we can. Contact us for more details.

Do you print the labels?

No, but we can forward you to professional printers in your area. You can also go to any Kinko’s (FedEx printer stores), Staples, or similar. If you are outside the US, it may be wise to contact a printer first and ask them if there are any particular requirements. We may contact the printer directly if you prefer so. All files are delivered in industry-standard formats so any professional printer can print them without any problems.

I am ready to start with the project. How should I proceed?

Please contact us through our “contact” page, send us an email or give us a call. We will set up the project, assign a project manager, send you the down payment links (50% of project total) and start working on the project in less than 24 hours.

When can I see the first draft?

Three business days after project start. Project begins once you send us the answers to a small brief / questionnaire about your product and we get notification of your down payment.