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Label design for shampoo for children and adults

The world of hygiene and cosmetics is a vast one and pretty much all business owners who are involved in it, would sooner or later try to create shampoos. There is high competitive value in this niche and if you are thinking about joining, you will need to rely on providing something which people have not seen before. Naturally, if your technology does not provide anything new, you will need to rely on first appearances. When it comes to label design for shampoo, there is more than one thing you can take into consideration in order to make your product more appealing.


The first thing which your shampoo label design will need to feature, is rich content. When we say content this will include everything – from the sole contents of the bottle to some catchy phrases that will attract the customer. Your label design for shampoo will need to tell the customers what technology exactly you are using and how it helps. You should also tell them what type of hair is going to benefit from your product so that they know what exactly they are buying. It is highly advisable that you are completely truthful with the information you are providing.

Drawing the line

There is a fine line to be drawn between children’s shampoo and that for adults. This will reflect on your shampoo label design as well, and you should be aware of how to make it more appealing for the target audience. A children’s shampoo label design will not need to be complicated as it will have to be more interesting to children – a liquid in a bottle can prove to be scary for the smallest of tykes. You need to find the right color combination and a picture which will make them interested in bathing.

When it comes to adult label design for shampoo, you can be much freer in your choices. Female shampoos will need elegant colors and good picture work. An elegant and curvy font is a good idea here as well. A male design will require a more solid color like black or dark blue. The font here does not matter as much, but your picture of choosing will need to speak of power in some way. These are intricacies which a good label designer will be able to familiarize you with after all.

Professional help

Professional help when it comes to label design for shampoo is easily found, but you need to find those who are good. Bottle labels are trickier than most because people will generally look at the information listed there. You need to find someone who is able to arrange the elements of your label correspondingly, so that they can easily be seen by anyone picking it up. It would be best to find someone who has previous experience in the niche. That way you make sure that you raise your chances for success. Above all you will need to be patient and spend as much time searching as possible.