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The truly elegant label design for mineral water

Mineral water is one of the beverages which are most common in the world today. They are a great asset to every party, and different companies always strive to promote their water as the best one. Of course, the visual experience is much more important than taste when it comes to a product of this type, and this is where label design for mineral water comes into play. When you make a good first appearance people will be more inclined to buy your product. This does not only apply to mineral water but to all goods equally. With label design for mineral water however it is much more essential.

The reason

There is good reason for label design of mineral water to be more important than with the rest. Differences in taste and quality of water are very hard to grasp. For this reason the bottle design and label design need to be perfect so that people decide that your water is the best one among all. You should find a designer who understands this concept and is ready and willing to prepare the best label design for mineral water that can be found on the market.


In all essentials there are a few things to consider when creating a good label design for mineral water. First of all it must be said that water is considered an elegant drink by many. This of course means that the design will need to be soft and speak of nature. It is good to use photography which includes water on stones for instance, and other such things, which speak of peace and tranquility. There are many possible choices and you should see what your competitors have in store for their clients. It is always good to take an idea or two.

Font is another great part of label design for mineral water. Just like with the picture here you will have to rely on elegance as well. You should use a font which provides a message but is not too intrusive. The focus should always fall on the picture, because few people will stop to look at the letters. Everything needs to find perfect balance. The best combination that your label design for mineral water can benefit from is a correlation between font, picture and the form of the bottle and label themselves. This can all be discussed with your designer so that you can find the ideal combo together.

As a bottom line it can be said that it is quite tricky to create a good label design for mineral water. There are not many things which can attract the attention of a buyer when it comes to a bottle of water. For this reason you need to make absolutely sure that you are placing all your time, efforts and patience into the endeavor. The success of your product will depend on the attention you have gathered. It is hard to say if the quality of your product will attract too much demand in this niche.