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What makes a good bottle label design

Remember those old bottles when you were a kid, when there was nothing more than a sheet of paper glued over the glass itself? Well, in the 21st century things have changed, and bottle label design actually place one of the most important roles – than of procuring demand for a given product. If you are in the business of beverage manufacturing, you should consider these things. After all, the first impression will always be the most important. Knowing this, pay attention to the bottle label design you are about to choose – there is no turning back once your product is on the market.

The right label type

If you have released a product before, you probably know that there is more than one type of label, which your bottle label design can benefit from. For instance, the permanent label is easier to draw on, but it is almost impossible to remove the sheet itself without making the bottle uglier. On the other hand, there are easily removable labels out there – if might sound funny, but many people like to collect labels, and this will only improve upon your clientele, especially if you have chosen the proper bottle label design.

Curves and colors

The human eye has detailed perception filters, which can detect even the slightest blemishes when it comes to form and color. For this reason you really need to be careful about the correlation between your bottle label design and the form of the bottle itself. If you are going to choose a green glass type, you need to choose a label which will compliment it. Red and green are good colors for this combination, whereas yellow, for instance, will make the bottle seem a bit strange. Form is another essential part of bottle label design as there are different types of glass or plastic constructions, which will require a different form of label. Numerous psychological research events have proven that people react differently to combinations between color and form.

Bottom line

Always pay attention to the bottle label design. Even if people begin to love the beverage because of its quality, this does not mean that you are going to be successful in the first few weeks. In order to ensure this, you need a proper bottle label design that will always grab the attention. This will make sure that you get a steady income at least for the first few months.