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Some useful tips for label designing

Graphic designers around the world all work in different fields, and those who handle product placement will frequently be caught in label designing. If you wish to advertise a product properly, you wish to have something very attractive for the customer. This is why when label design is concerned, there are some constants, which need to remain unchanged. The rest, however, is up to your own imagination and you must always strive to make things which are catchy to the eye, and will get the person looking at them interested. Here we share a few tips about how you can achieve that.

The first thing you need to understand about label designing is that you do not want to have jumbled elements spread all across your product. You need to have the proper feeling of balance if you are going to achieve something, or otherwise clients will not be attracted to it. It is a common misconception that when people see something out of place, they become attracted to it. In fact, it is the complete opposite, and you need to apply this as a rule of thumb in all your label design choices.

That being said, consider the spacing of elements, compared to the border of your label design. The basics of label designing apply that everything has to be symmetric, and spacing will befall under this rule as well. Keep in mind that you cannot place the letters or image on the label, without leaving spaces between the element and the border, both horizontally and vertically. The same applies for spaces between the elements themselves. It is best to use constant measurements, which can be re-applied in all your other designs. Make sure that the graphic designer is capable of providing different variations however, because otherwise this will dumb down the quality of the labels.

Last but not least, take the mockups. You should not be afraid to ask for more than one mockup, because this will give you more alternatives for label design. When an employer knows that designers have a lot of ideas for label design, this will help them know that the designer is worth it. If you as a business owner see more than one design choice, you might be able to strike a deal and get two labels for two subsequent products.

It can be said that label designing is no easy task, and this would be completely right. Make sure you keep a lot of things in mind when you are hiring a designer for the first time. You need beauty and imagination, but you need balance as well. You should never be afraid to call for a few different designs so that you can choose from them. When you keep these guidelines in mind, you will have no troubles with label design.